Xinjiang people know their situation best

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/8/31 23:33:32

There has been some misunderstanding internationally about the governance of Xinjiang. Some forces have slandered China's governing efforts there. The recent days have witnessed a new wave of accusations and it peaked when a partisan group of US lawmakers on Wednesday called on the US to impose sanctions on relevant Chinese officials.

At a meeting of the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on Thursday, the committee spoke positively of the Chinese government's legislation, policies and administrative measures to protect the rights and interests of minority groups. However, influenced by Western public opinion and based on false information, it made some un-objective remarks over Xinjiang's employment training of some extremists, which Western media hyped.

Two value systems clash over the Xinjiang issue. One is the West-centered system. It merely makes empty statements about human rights regardless of the purpose and effect of Xinjiang governance, and the grim reality it targets. Such empty talk inspires extremists, which meets the purposes of some Western politicians trying to undermine the governance achievements in Xinjiang and push the region into turmoil.

The other is the Chinese system rooted in the reality of Xinjiang and understood and supported by most developing countries. The region had been on the verge of great turmoil, and violent terror activities almost went out of control. Whether Xinjiang governance abuses human rights must be judged by whether its results safeguard the interests of the majority in the region.

Had the situation in Xinjiang several years ago not been controlled, more people would have been brainwashed by extremist thoughts and joined the terrorists, leading to more killings against innocent lives.

Xinjiang enjoys peace and tranquility from the chaos over the past two years. It's difficult to calculate how many lives have been saved and how many people have been relieved from dreadful days. Isn't the right to life a basic human right of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang?

Those accusing Xinjiang of violating human rights don't care whether violent attacks can be prevented and whether the people there can live a normal and peaceful life.  

To a large extent, the past turbulence in Xinjiang was caused by external factors. Western accusations of Xinjiang governance seriously misled the extremists, making them believe they were launching religious Jihad and won sympathy and support from Western and international society.

The officials and people of Xinjiang should maintain the region’s peace and stability, which is their right and in their fundamental interest. They know Xinjiang best, suffered the most from previous turbulence and have the most experiences and lessons. They know best how to stabilize the region and develop it. No external force is allowed to make decisions for them. They have the support of the Chinese people.

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