Kindergarten principal fired for pole dance before children

By Deng Xiaoci Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/3 23:13:40

Education authorities from Baoan district of Shenzhen, South China's Guangdong Province fired a kindergarten principal amid criticism of a pole dance show in front of children on the first day of classes on Monday.

The Baoan district education bureau made the announcement on its website Monday afternoon, after a video went viral online in which a pole dancers performing next to a flagpole bearing China's national flag on the playground of the Xinshahui kindergarten, as part of the school's opening day event Monday morning.

Kindergarten principal Lai Rong said there were 500 children aged three to six years old and 100 parents. Some of the boys in the audience were seen mimicking the strip-like pole dance moves.

The school and its principal soon faced a backlash online, with many calling the dance absolutely inappropriate for children at that age.

"We would like to pull our children out of the school and get a refund," wrote a Twitter user, who goes by Michael Standaert, allegedly one of the parents.

Lai sent an apology letter to the Global Times Monday afternoon, admitted that the school had failed to carefully examine the dance content before allowing it to be performed, and the school was simply trying to liven up the atmosphere.

"A few parents did come to me requesting a refund and threatening to pull their children out of the school," Lai told the Global Times, "while others said it was just to learn a new type of dance."

"I may as well be dead. I already lost the hope to live," Lai said, claiming she arranged the pole dance because of the dancer's excellent skills.

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