Be wary of Taiwan’s infiltration via mainland students

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/16 23:03:40

China's national security authorities recently revealed a string of cases in which Taiwan spies lured Chinese mainland students to provide confidential information to Taiwan intelligence agencies, which highlights the security challenges the mainland is facing from the infiltration and espionage. Young students from the mainland have become the target of Taiwan's intelligence agencies and the cases send a warning signal to the relevant authorities. 

Espionage and counter-espionage activities don't just appear in films but also in real life, and may involve ordinary people. The activities in reality are not as thrilling and exotic as they are in films and drama, but they are more covert and difficult to detect as they quietly penetrate our daily life, study and work.

As inconspicuous as they are, the spying activities, persistent and tempting, are far more damaging to the lives of the people and the security of the nation.

After the pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party took office, the Taiwan authorities dispatched more spies to the mainland, posing serious challenges and adding difficulties to counter-espionage work.

The disclosed cases reveal some trends in Taiwan's espionage activities. The spies from the island serve the needs of the Taiwan authorities. At their disposal are not only traditional espionage methods such as offering money, forging close relationships and making sexual overtures, but also new technologies. They take full advantage of the convenience of e-mail, WeChat and social media. 

The intelligence agencies of Taiwan are shifting their main target to young students from the mainland. They have exploited opportunities from expanding international and cross-Straits exchanges brought about by the mainland's opening-up to create a network and try to rope in young students who might enter the fields of economics, science, technology and national defense.

Those targeted students were supposed to have a promising future. Studying in Taiwan should have been an opportunity to improve themselves. Trapping these young people and ruining their lives, the Taiwan intelligence authorities also committed a moral crime. 

With the US repeatedly challenging the red line of the mainland over the Taiwan question, the cross-Straits situation is worsening. The stability of the Taiwan Strait will likely be further jeopardized. Under mounting pressure, the mainland must prepare for the worst. The jittery Taiwan authorities will have to increase their espionage activities against the mainland so as to monitor the moves of relevant departments on the mainland.

Preventing the infiltration of Taiwan espionage is an important element of fighting against Taiwan independence, safeguarding the sovereignty of the nation and realizing reunification. Counter-espionage work against Taiwan needs close cooperation and coordination among relevant departments.

The cases revealed by the national security authorities this time have sent a clear signal that universities and related youth organizations and institutions need to have a full understanding of the current counter-espionage situation and attach great importance to raising awareness about the counter-espionage law.

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