China places unmanned station in Arctic to track freezing of sea ice

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/9/26 18:43:40

China's ninth Arctic expedition team on Wednesday returned home after successfully installing its first unmanned ice station in the Arctic region, news site reported on Wednesday.

"The main task of the unmanned ice station is to observe the formation and ablation of ice. The data is being transmitted via satellite," Yang Huigen, head of the Polar Research Institute of China, told news site

Current global Arctic expeditions mostly take place in the summer.

This schedule leads to a lack of understanding of key processes of sea ice's melting in spring and freezing in autumn, reported.

After safely sailing more than 23,150 kilometers, including 7,066 kilometers through icy waters, the ninth expedition team, with 131 members, returned to East China's Shanghai Municipality, reported on Wednesday.

The team set off on July 20 and reached 84.8 degrees north latitude during its journey.

The team visited and collected data from 88 marine observation stations and 10 ice stations, and placed the largest amount of research installations within one single expedition since China's first Arctic expedition in 1999, reported.

Global Times

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