Immersive opera ‘Orfeo’ to debut during Beijing Music Festival

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/17 18:38:40

From left: Zou Shuang, Li Meili, Zhang Yajie and Fay Kueen Wang Photo: Courtesy of BMF

The innovative immersive opera Orfeo will debut at the ongoing Beijing Music Festival (BMF) on Friday. The work, directed by Zou Shuang and composed by Fay Kueen Wang is the second performance commissioned by BMF for its New Wave Site Specific Opera/Music Theatre category since 2016.

A 21st century adaptation of Claudio Monteverdi's 1607 opera L'Orfeo, the new performance takes the story in a bold direction.

"We chose this opera to create something new in the hopes of bringing back the spirit of the Renaissance. We can interpret the immortal story through the contributions of its young Chinese composer as well as singers, performers and an international team in the 21st century," Zou said.

The opera stars Li Meili as Orfeo, Fay Kueen Wang as Eurydice and Pluto and Zhang Yajie as Music and Hope.

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