Cornell echoes Washington’s strategy against China

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/30 22:13:42

The Financial Times reported that Cornell University has suspended two academic exchanges and a research program with Renmin University of China because of concerns over academic freedom, the first case in years of a foreign university halting a partnership with a Chinese counterpart for such reasons.

Renmin University of China told the Global Times that the accusation is sheer fiction and the US university was apparently misled by internet speculation.

Renmin University of China cooperates with more than 200 universities in the world and it's the first time it encountered a halt to a partnership. It's a part of unreasonable changes in US engagement with China. It may not be a planned action by Cornell and the US government, but Washington's new strategic plan of regarding Beijing as a rival has a wide influence. It makes Cornell lose its independent understanding in exchanging with Chinese universities.

Cornell may not be the only college to suspend academic exchanges with Chinese universities. Chinese people shouldn't feel surprised if others follow.

But it's impossible that such an act of breaking off with China becomes too popular as it swims against the tide of globalization. Chinese universities have sufficient applicants and are developing rapidly. They play an important role in promoting global higher education.

Most of the cooperation between foreign and Chinese universities is reciprocal. If foreign universities stay away from Chinese universities or students, they are hindering their own development.

As the world's largest emerging market, China faces the urgent issue that all humanity needs to face, and has the motivation for scientific research. Trying to circumvent China is a naive idea.

The situation of boycotting China is temporarily getting tense in the US. Chinese people shouldn't be misled by this situation and shouldn't let it stir our resolve in reform and opening-up. Nor should Chinese people be provoked by specific incidents and rashly counterattack some US or Western people's extreme acts or else China will lose the direction.

Reform and opening-up is the basis for Chinese universities and all walks of life. The purpose of strengthening governance is to further promote reform and opening-up and development.

Although China and the West have different political systems, their social governance will have more similarities with the help of technological improvement and globalization. Radical Western forces strongly deny this, but Chinese people shouldn't be as confused.

In some Western countries, the prejudice against China and the actual need to engage with China are escalating at the same time. As long as China deals properly with these trends, the latter will overwhelm the former. Those who refuse to cooperate with China will only walk a narrow path.

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