DOJ accusation part of US smear campaign against China

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/10/31 22:33:40

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) said Tuesday that Chinese intelligence officers who work at China's Jiangsu Province arm of the Chinese Ministry of State Security conspired to steal confidential business information related to a turbofan engine together with "hackers and co-opted company insiders." The report pointed out all the officers' names, saying that the engine was being developed through a partnership between a French aerospace manufacturer with an office in Suzhou, China's Jiangsu Province and a company based in the US. The report also mentioned to "redouble our efforts to safeguard America's ingenuity and investment."

This is the third time that the Jiangsu security authorities became a target for the US since September. In early October, the US extradited a so-called Chinese intelligence officer of Jiangsu from Belgium, accusing him of stealing information under the guise of asking US scientists to deliver a presentation in China.

As the DOJ has not shown conclusive evidence for these accusations but only a one-sided description, we cannot believe the statement is true. We do not believe the US owns overwhelming superiority in the US-China intelligence battle when Washington keeps accusing Beijing of espionage while Beijing remains silent.

The US has made wrong accusations and hyped "Chinese spies" in the past. It has become Washington's political and diplomatic measure to express its attitude toward Beijing.

Continuous US accusations against the Jiangsu security authorities are obviously coordinated with Washington's policy adjustment toward China. This is a political action disguised as a judicial one.

The latest accusation is part of the campaign which also includes the US Department of Commerce's decision to block China's Fujian Jinhua from buying US components and high-ranking US officials' claims that there are many spies among Chinese students in the US, slandering China for infringing US intellectual property rights. The US is promoting political mobilization against China and so pressuring Beijing.

Bloomberg recently reported that China infiltrated the supply chain of computer hardware maker Super Micro Computer Inc to plant malicious chips that could be used to steal secrets, claiming that Amazon and Apple were both infiltrated by the chips. These companies strongly refuted the report. The US government, politicians and media together created a false impression that the Chinese government is organizing commercial espionage against the US.

Those radical US elites arrogantly believe that China stole its modernization from the US and every Chinese person looks like a spy to them. As China and the US share a wide and complicated exchange, such extreme thinking is harmful. It not only hurts the two countries' normal exchanges but also threatens the safety of innocent people and leads to miscarriages of justice.

Accusing the Chinese government-backed hackers of attacking US institutes' internet will induce real criminals to fake internet attacks in such a way as to evade detection. History has proved that when a society indulges in political impulses, right and the wrong will be confused and real criminals take to such chaos like a duck to water.

Those Chinese who live in the US must feel great pressure as Washington plays on the issue of "Chinese spying". Certain groups' rights have been trampled in the US due to diplomatic confrontation and now it's obvious that the US is falling into the same trap and is even going to extremes.

We appeal to China's national security institutions to make US espionage in China known to the public and let the world see US spies' behavior. If China always remains silent in the face of US provocation, it will only foster US arrogance and make itself passive. The US is the largest intelligence-gathering country and the PRISM program has revealed Washington's hypocrisy. It seems the US has forgotten the pain and believes that it is the victim of an intelligence attack.

Catching alleged Chinese spies has damaged China's reputation. It's time for China to act and eliminate the adverse effects.

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