Chongqing authorities seize 5-story floating restaurant on Yangtze

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/11 18:18:41

Screenshot shows the floating restaurant on the Yangtze River. Source: The Paper

Video of authorities removing a massive floating restaurant on the Yangtze River in Chongqing went viral on Saturday.

The white building with red roof is seen being pushed by two barges along the river.

Chongqing maritime authorities said floating restaurants had been banned in the region over pollution issues.

"The other [restaurants] were dismantled earlier and this building was the last one removed out of the region," an official said.  

In July, city authorities shut down eight such restaurants operating in Jiangjin district.

The unusual sight attracted comments on Sina Weibo.

"It's a real-life Howl's Moving Castle," user "Shenjinglidegutaishui" posted.

"Magic Chongqing is not a joke," another user "Baofucaishen" wrote.

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Newspaper headline: 5-story floating restaurant seized


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