Singles’ Day gala host slammed for body shaming ‘Japanese Beyoncé’

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/12 18:48:41

Naomi Watanabe (center) attends the gala of the Tmall Double 11 Global Shopping Festival 2018 in Shanghai on Saturday. Photo: IC

A TV host sparked outrage on Chinese social media over comments he made about a Japanese comedian and plus-size fashion icon following her appearance on China's Singles' Day televised gala.

Naomi Watanabe, famous in China for her impersonation of Beyoncé, took the spotlight during the gala marking Alibaba's shopping festival to cover two of the pop diva's songs, which included dance numbers to a flashy rendition of hit song Crazy In Love.

Afterwards, host Cheng Lei commented on her grace in an ungraceful way.

"Thank Naomi for such a wonderful performance. Her dance moves were swift despite her figure - as if she were bloated and floating on air."

Cheng's co-host, Chen Chen, attempted to soften the comment by saying, "She's indeed a role model for many cute overweight girls out there."

Yet Cheng's didn't stop there. Later in the gala during a sketch that saw co-host Chen loading up her virtual shopping cart with food, Cheng said, "You only bought snacks. What, you want to be the next Naomi Watanabe?"

Sina Weibo users were not laughing.

"This is way beyond a well-intended joke. It is blatant discrimination, a harsh insult and disgusting body shaming," commented Weibo user "lethin."

Many demanded a formal apology from Cheng, who has not commented and since deleted all posts on his Weibo account.

"Please apologize as soon as possible. Naomi may understand Chinese - her mother is from Taiwan. She must be sad hearing this," wrote "gaileweiboming."

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Newspaper headline: Singles’ Day gala host slammed for body shaming


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