Yinchuan showcases smarter city achievements at global summit

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/20 19:03:40

The general manager of CEC Zhang Dongchen delivers remarks at the summit on November 14. Photo: Courtesy of CEC

The 2018 Global Smart City Summit took place in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region from November 14 to 16. Hosted by the Yinchuan municipal government and the China Electronics Corporation (CEC), the event showcased the achievements of Yinchuan's transformation from a traditional city to a smart city. Over 1,000 people, including top government officials, diplomats, experts and representatives of domestic and overseas companies and organizations attended the event and jointly discussed the development strategies and solutions for building a smart city, internet and public security, and a healthcare system.

Among the invited guests who attended the event, were the Ambassador of Algeria Ahcene Boukhelfa, the Ambassador of Mauritius Lee Miao Kwong, the Party Secretary of Yinchuan Jiang Zhigang, the Vice Party Secretary of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region and the developer of China's Great Firewall Fang Binxing, the former deputy director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China Jin Xiaotao, and the General Manager of CEC Zhang Dongchen.

As a result of the deep combination of industrialization, urbanization and information technology, a smart city that labels high convenience and efficiency for residents is becoming a new and trendy concept for city planning.

In the speech by the Mayor of Yinchuan Yang Yujing, he addressed the path that the city has followed for adding the smart elements in the city's planning and management. Yang noted that since this year, Yinchuan has been actively gripping the opportunity for its smart city development and making the construction of a smart city a major drive for the advancement of urban management, innovation and service. "The smart city's management, people-oriented service and big data industry will be the three major directions of future development," the mayor said.

Yinchuan has already built its own smart industrial zone, which is dubbed as one of the first of its kind in China. Meanwhile, the government already signed a strategic cooperative agreement with 38 online medical companies, setting an example of implementing a smart public healthcare system for the people in the region, according to Yang.

CEC is one of the sponsors of the event. At the summit, Zhang showcased the company's dedication and determination in supporting local governments that build smart cities. Zhang said that they have been dedicated to building internet and information systems in a way to serve the needs and demands under the national strategies in recent years.

In the light of Zhang's remarks, CEC has collaborated with several local governments including Hunan and Hebei provinces to provide solutions of technology applications and allocations in the sectors of transportation, public security, public administration, healthcare, and tax payments. Their aim is to help the government escalate its effectiveness and reliability of urban management.

"Currently, CEC has established strategic cooperative partnership with the Yinchuan government, and we will comprehensively participate in their smart city planning, construction and operation in the future," Zhang said. He also noted that on the basis of a security network, the collaboration will make sure that the new technical elements such as the internet of things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and 5G be adopted in the exploitation of a smarter Yinchuan.

An exhibition was also held alongside the summit which has offered the audience a chance to have a closer glimpse of the technical products of participating companies.


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