'Alien skull' found in North China, UFO scholar claims

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/11/21 19:43:40

Skull fossil of primitive is found in China in 2007. Photo: VCG

An amateur UFO scholar in China is convinced he is in possession of an alien skull. 

Li Jianmin, a science fiction author and researcher, revealed his discovery at a small seminar held in Beijing last month. 

The skull is brownish and roughly 16 centimeters in diameter. Li claims it is not human, but rather has two "distinct layers."

Li, 55, said the skull belongs to a private collector who had acquired it from a street vendor in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

"The collector was flipping through my novel when he discovered that the skull looked very much like the one in an illustration," Li explained, "He asked me to confirm its origins."

After four months of research, Li produced a 103-page report to support his claim. 

"I conducted a Raman spectroscopy, used an atomic force microscope and compared the skull with alien skulls discovered in other countries," Li said.

However, Li said he's still seeking funding to conduct further tests. "DNA analysis alone costs around 100,000 yuan ($14,398)," Li said.

Despite facing ridicule on Chinese social media, Li remains confident in his findings. 

"I welcome questions. But if you want to challenge me, bring your own evidence," Li said.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily


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