China to prevent major tax evaders from leaving the country

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/3 22:48:40

China will shore up efforts to fight major tax violations starting January 2019 by limiting people who fail to pay accumulated taxes of 100,000 yuan ($14,526) from leaving the country.

The State Administration of Taxation reduced the amount for major dishonest tax violation cases from defaulting on 1 million yuan to 100,000 yuan, according to a circular issued on its official website.

Enterprises that default on tax payments and refuse to contact tax authorities will be a new focus of the campaign, according to the official document.

The defaulter's name, gender and identification card number will be blacklisted as part of the punishment.

If an enterprise defaults on taxes, its taxpayer registration number, address and private information of its legal representative and person in charge will also be published.

Defaulters will be prevented from leaving the country until they have settled the amount and overdue fine.

Global Times

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