Huawei becomes a hostage in China-US trade conflict: experts

By Chen Qingqing and Xie Jun Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/6 11:33:27

Chinese Huawei Technologies has become a card for the US to play to make China compromise itself in trade conflict, but countries ruled by law should not detain Chinese citizens without providing any legal evidence, Chinese experts said on Thursday.

“The latest Huawei incident shows that we should be fully prepared for long-term confrontation between China and the US, as the US will not ease its stance on China and the arrest of a senior executive of China’s major tech company is a vivid example,” Mei Xinyu, an expert close to the Ministry of Commerce, told the Global Times on Thursday. 

The media reported earlier that Canada arrested the company's CFO, who is facing extradition to the US on suspicions that she violated US trade sanctions against Iran.

A Canadian source with knowledge of the arrest was quoted in the Globe and Mail saying that US law enforcement authorities are alleging that Meng tried to evade the US trade embargo against Iran but provided no further details.

The US will not stop countering China’s rise in the technology sector and will never drop its hostile stance on the “Made in China 2025” strategy, noted Wang Yanhui, head of the Shanghai-based Mobile China Alliance.

“Huawei has become another card for the US to play against China in the trade war,” he told the Global Times on Thursday. 

So far, there’s no evidence showing that Meng has committed any unlawful acts. Canada’s arrest, entrusted by the US, is “weird” and is not proper behavior of legal states, said Fu Liang, a Beijing-based telecom industry expert.

“The US sanctions against China’s high-tech sector is always intensifying. The US needs to set up an imaginary enemy, like China, to demonstrate its ‘influence’ in the global community,” he said. 

When contacted by the Global Times, Huawei noted that there is very little information about the specific allegations and is not aware of any misconduct from Meng. 

“Huawei has become a hostage in the China-US trade war, that’s one thing for sure so far,” Xiang Ligang, chief executive of the telecom industry news site, told the Global Times.


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