Company fined 1.3m yuan for making Japanese porn star wear red scarf

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/6 13:58:39

Sola Aoi sings at a Beijing appearance. Photo: CFP

Shanghai authorities fined on Tuesday a company 1.3 million yuan ($189,069) for letting a former Japanese porn star wear the iconic "red scarf," which is usually worn by primary school students, known as the Chinese Young Pioneers (CYP).

The Shanghai Zhenhai Limited Company was fined 1.3 million yuan for misusing the red scarf after it invited former Japanese porn star Sora Aoi as a goodwill ambassador at an educational donation in July in Dehong Prefecture, Southwest China's Yunnan Province, China Youth Daily reported.

At the event, Aoi received and wore a red scarf. The company later posted photos of her on its Weibo account, which showed Aoi wearing a red scarf and taking selfies with students.

The incident soon went viral online.

The red scarf CYP members wear represents a corner of the red flag, a symbol of the revolutionary past that is forbidden for use in any trademark, advertisement or event.

The CYP national working committee condemned the company for the incident in August.

Activities that defame heroes and martyrs or distort and diminish their deeds are illegal, according to the law on the protection of heroes and martyrs adopted in May.

The Shanghai Pudong market regulatory department began an investigation after the incident ignited a backlash.

The department announced the punishment on Tuesday in accordance with China's Advertisement Law. It was the most severe punishment ever for misusing the red scarf.

Organizers of the charity event, the Shanghai Sports Development Foundation, the Dehong Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio and Television, and the school, were also punished.

Founded in 1949 and led by the Communist Party of China, the CYP is a national organization for Chinese children aged 6 to 14 years, most of whom are primary or secondary school students.

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