With executive’s arrest, US wants to stifle Huawei

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/6 16:23:40

US abuses legal procedure to stifle Huawei

Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Huawei Technologies, was arrested by Canada on December 1 at the behest of the US. Meng is also daughter of company founder Ren Zhengfei. Obviously Washington is resorting to a despicable rogue's approach as it cannot stop Huawei's 5G advance in the market.

The US is seeking Meng's extradition to face unspecified charges in the Eastern District of New York. According to Canadian media, US charges may stem from Huawei's violation of American sanctions against Iran.

Huawei denied the accusation in a statement. The Chinese Embassy in Canada on Wednesday voiced its firm opposition to the arrest of Meng, saying that it is a "gross violation of human rights."

Despite incomplete information about the incident, the US move obviously goes against the consensus reached between the heads of state of China and the US in Argentina. The incident shows that China faces a complicated competition with the US. Beijing needs determination and wisdom to safeguard its own interests.

With the arrest, the US is sending signals to the international community that it is targeting Huawei. It is clear that Washington is maliciously finding fault with Huawei and trying to put the company in jeopardy with US laws. Washington is attempting to damage Huawei's international reputation and taking aim at the tech giant's global market in the name of law.

We call on the Chinese government and society to offer moral support to Huawei and Chinese diplomats to offer timely assistance to Meng. We also support Huawei in its legal battle with the US to prove its innocence and thwart some Americans' plot to throw the company off track.

Huawei has been growing steadily by strictly following laws. It draws management experience from all transnational companies and maintains the highest standards in this regard. It is impossible that Huawei would want to deliberately violate US regulations. It will be difficult for the US to convict the Huawei executive.

Huawei should try to defeat the accusers under the US legal framework. If the US prosecutes Huawei with an unwarranted charge, the case will become complicated but Huawei will still have plenty of room for maneuver.

There is not much likelihood that Huawei will become the next ZTE. Huawei is technologically stronger than ZTE and the situation is different from the time ZTE faced repression in the US. It is believed Huawei has the ability and wisdom to tackle the risks and minimize damage brought about by the US move.

The Chinese government should seriously mull over the US tendency to abuse legal procedures to suppress China's high-tech enterprises. It should increase interaction with the US and exert pressure when necessary.

China has been exercising restraint, but the US cannot act recklessly. US President Donald Trump should rein in the hostile activities of some Americans who may imperil Sino-US relations.

Newspaper headline: US abuses legal procedure to stifle Huawei

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