Massive dinosaur footprints, new species found after mining blast

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/6 18:38:40

Massive dinosaur footprints were found in a mining area in Zhaojue county of Southwest China's Sichuan Province on December 5, according to the former head of the local relic preservation department.

The footprints were exposed after a mining blast in Sanbiluoga village of Zhaojue county. The mine discovered dinosaur footprints multiple times before.

The newly exposed footprint group covers more than 10,000 square meters. Some of the footprints come from new dinosaur species.

The local authorities have attached great importance to the new discovery by demanding a shutdown of the mine. Paleontologists are expected to arrive at the site soon.

On a big cliff wall, dinosaur criss-cross tracks and clearly visible walking routes are entangled together, covering 5,000 square meters, according to the former official.

Another newly exposed rock is imprinted with footprints of different species of dinosaur, including ones with two toes, three toes, four toes and five toes, over an area as large as 8,000 square meters.

Four footprint clusters were also found at the foot of the east cliff side, covering 4,000 square meters.

The former official said the new discovery is very rare in terms of area, species and number.

Dinosaur footprints have been discovered in Zhaojue county since the 1990s. They are rare and precious, and have offered excellent materials for academic studies in many fields such as paleogeography, palaeoclimatology, paleobiology, and palaeocology.

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