China and Mongolia strengthen cooperation in cultural and publishing industries

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/11 17:28:39

Publishers from China and Mongolia signed a series of cooperation agreements to strengthen ties in the cultural and publishing industries at a signing ceremony in Beijing on Monday.

At the event, Chinese Culture Translation and Studies Support (CCTSS) representative Xu Baofeng said that a new China-Mongolian publishing platform created by the agreements will allow both sides to "discover, translate and publish each other's cultural products faster than ever."

Publishing houses from the two countries, including Mongolia's NEPKO and Guangming Publishing House and the mainland's China Children's Press & Publication Group, will release a number of new books as part of projects covered by the agreements.

NEPKO first established a cooperative relationship with CCTSS in 2015, going on to import a number of books, films and television projects, including the well-known series Empresses in the Palace, into Mongolia.

According to D. Boldbaatar, the president of Guangming Publishing House, Chinese literature, such as the Four Classic Novels and Tang Dynasty (618-907) poetry, are very popular in Mongolia.

At the event, former chairman of Mongolian National Television Sodnompil Myagmar told media that China and Mongolia should continue to strengthen film and television cooperation and that he hopes as Chinese cultural products enter the Mongolian market, more Mongolian films and TV programs can head to China.

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