2018 Women’s Esports Championship gears up with domestic machines

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/24 22:43:39

The Deputy General Manager of CEC and the Chairman of CGT Chen Xiaojun delivers a speech. Photos: Courtesy of CEC

An expat player participates in the competition. Photos: Courtesy of CEC


The 2018 Women's Esports Championship took place in Chengdu from December 14 to 16, drawing the participation of over 126 top women electronic sports players from both China and abroad to compete in the four popular online games on China's self-developed computers.

Hosted by the Chengdu Municipal Government and China Electronics Corporation (CEC), the event showcased the competence of domestic computing equipment while running international online games. Among the participating players, there were people from different countries including Russia, the US, France, the UK, Ukraine, and Morocco, who, like the Chinese players, tried these computers for the first time and found quick ease in using them.

The domestic technology company China Greatwall Technology Group Co., Ltd (CGT) offered the technical support for the competition. The Deputy General Manager of CEC and the Chairman of CGT Chen Xiaojun, attended the event and expressed his confidence in using Chinese self-developed computers for online game competitions at the international level.

"Esports have a powerful role in promoting economic development. At the same time, esports represent a young and dynamic industrial image and an important window to showcase the contemporary urban image to the world," Chen said. "The competition used nearly a hundred of CGT's computers, all based on independent domestic research and development of Phytium's CPU and Kylin's operating system, which fully demonstrated the advanced level and excellent performance of domestic electronic equipment."

Chen hopes that through this competition, more and more groups and individuals will have a better understanding about the strong online game competition systems that their company can offer to professional gamers.

The highlight of the intense competition was the use of the high performance of the domestically completed machine KF510. According to the organizer, this is the first time that CGT's complete machine has been used in an international esports competition where the performance of hardware and software equipment is highly required. The machine is equipped with FT-1500A/4, which is a quad-core 64-bit ARM system on chip that operates at 1.5 Hz by Phytium and is installed with Kylin's operating system. Based on BIOS domestic firmware, the machine is equipped with the CGT's energy-saving and efficient TFX power supply so that its performance is safe and strong. With the features of "low power consumption, high performance and low delay," players can enjoy a smooth gaming experience without getting stuck or losing frames during games.

Wang Dingjian, a member of the Science and Technology Committee of CEC, said that during the three days of competition, the domestic self-developed system showed excellent performance without any mistakes, and zero bugs. "Through the competition, the high performances of the domestic computer hardware and software equipment are testified. This competition shows that our computers are competent not only as a daily office system, but also in professional real-time online game competition," Wang said.


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