Ethiopian Airlines denies mistreatment of Chinese trainee

By Chen Xi and Xu Keyue Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/26 21:33:40

Ethiopian Airlines denied an accusation of sexual harassment by a former Chinese national flight attendant trainee, saying it's "pure fabrication," after the trainee's speech sparked heated controversy on Chinese social media.

Sina Weibo user "Qianniyigebingheshidai", who claimed to be the Chinese flight attendant surnamed Wang, took to China's Twitter-like social media platform Sina Weibo recently, and accused the airline of sexual harassment, physical abuse and illegal detention and uploaded pictures, videos and voice recordings as evidence.

Her posts sparked heated discussion on the platform with many netizens criticizing the airline.

"The sexual harassment never took place. It is pure fabrication," an employee of the airline, who asked for anonymity, said in an email sent to the Global Times on Wednesday.

The airline claimed that Wang was terminated because of violating the company's policy and laws of the country, which include physically attacking other trainees and destroying office property, all of which was recorded by CCTV cameras.

However, the company failed to provide the footage to Global Times as of press time.

The airline also denied that Wang was abused, noting she was arrested by the police and deported to China.

Wang slammed the airline's statement of attacking other people, told the Global Times that she once threatened to kill herself at the office of the airline's CEO after its employee sexually harassed her and the company fired her.

She said police arrested her under the charge of destructing office property, but did not mention the time.

Wang claimed she had sought help from the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia several times and was finally freed under the help of the embassy.

She said the airline withdrew the lawsuit after forcing her to sign an agreement in jail confessing to destroying of office property and recognizing that she was fired for personal reasons.

An official at the Chinese Embassy told the Global Times on Sunday that Wang requested that either the company should pay her compensation for mental suffering or grant her a promotion in the company, a request which Ethiopian Airlines later refused.

According the email sent by Ethiopian Airlines to the Global Times on Thursday, Wang had asked for compensation from the airline, but actually it is the airline that has sustained harm due to her illegal acts, it claimed.

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