China excels in testing year of 2018

Source:Global Times Published: 2018/12/27 20:43:40

China underwent a one-year test in 2018 when the US launched an unprecedented trade war against China. To some extent, it impacted Chinese society's understanding of the global situation and its expectation of the international environment for China's future development.

The US ban on ZTE dealt a death blow to the Chinese company and made Chinese people realize the fragility of the country's modernization. The ensuing US siege on Huawei comprehensively showed the fierce situation for China's struggle.

For China, this has been a rare overall impact since its reform and opening-up 40 years ago. Starting March, the trade disputes began testing Beijing's mentality.

China did pretty well in 2018 accomplishing its economic tasks. Although people were worried and nervous, they adapted to the new situation. China has accepted that it may face a bumpier development ride in the future due to external factors, but people are confident that China will keep up the pace of development.

Facing an aggressive trade war, Chinese society is now becoming calmer. The decision by Chinese authorities to deepen reform and opening-up has been applauded. Chinese society has reached a consensus on properly handling external pressure, doing what should be done well and steadily responding to the trade war. Words like "surrender" or "all-in to fight against the US" are rarely heard.

The trade war was unable to shake China's political, economic and public opinion order. The country showed its persistence and ability to develop in the new situation. How did China handle all the pressure?

First, China has accumulated a great deal of financial resources after 40 years of reform and opening-up. Although the country still has shortages, abundant resources allow Beijing broad space to deal with the great challenges. China's development cannot be easily stopped. It is able to offset the negative effects of the trade war and to counteract the influence on Chinese people's work and life.

Second, China's huge volume helps greatly offset the actual effects of external shocks. Excluding psychological impact, the damage of the trade war is limited. China's remedies are real and effective.

Third, China has a rich collective memory and experience from time-honored history, which can easily be activated to equip people with spiritual resources in practical struggles. No matter how tough the challenge facing Chinese society, corresponding tolerance is highly likely to be cultivated. It is easy for Chinese civilization to integrate flexibility and adherence.

Fourth, and most importantly, the strong leadership of the Communist Party of China provides the nation with a political core, unyielding willpower, firm social confidence, and high cohesion which is not easily broken by any external force. The greater the external impact, the more advantageous the Chinese system will be.

In 2018, China resolutely resisted the US trade offensive, and proactively deepened reform and opening-up. This maintained China-US relations and strengthened the ability to cope with difficulties to the maximum extent. China is brave, imperturbable, positive and united under pressure, which is worthy of high scores in 2018's one-year test.

After this tough year, China has more adequate policy and mental preparations, no matter how 2019 turns out. China needs to be well-prepared for difficulties. No external force can bring China down and those who try will pay a hard price. This is the confidence that 2018 has brought China.

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