Restaurateur offers thief who stole his string of sausages a job

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/9 18:43:40

Strings of sausages. Source: Yangtze Evening Post

A restaurant owner who had 15 kilograms of sausages stolen in East China has written an open letter in which he offers the thief a 6,000-yuan ($877) monthly contract to come to work for him. 

The humorous note written by restaurateur Wu Jun, in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, is addressed to the thief who stole long links of sausage worth 500 yuan at 3:28 pm on January 3. 

It's not certain if Wu is serious about the job offer but wrote that he admires the thief's bravery, quickness and notes he must be suffering hardships.

"Maybe it was because my sausage smells so delicious. If he comes and admits his mistakes, I will not take actions against him," Wu told the Yangtze Evening.

Wu told the paper his humorous letter to the thief also aims to warn the public that the man is still on the loose. 

Yangtze Evening Post


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