Disgruntled Party official loses pension for slandering colleague

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/10 18:23:37

Southwest China's Yunnan Province for the first time held a meeting to clear the name of a department official who was framed by a disgruntled retired official after the former was wrongly blamed for misconduct in dealing with a mass disturbance. 

According to a meeting held by the discipline inspection commission of Yunnan, the retired secretary of the political and legal affairs commission of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Honghe prefecture, He Jian, made a wrong accusation against Yao Guohua, secretary of the local CPC committee, people.com.cn reported on Thursday.

In reports to superior officials, He said that Yao made wrong decisions in dealing with a mass disturbance. He also sent anonymous messages to dozens of officials in Honghe prefecture to slander Yao and incite others to report "Yao's wrong deeds."

After an investigation of He's reports, the provincial discipline inspection commission found the accusations toward Yao were groundless. His behaviors have severely harmed inner Party unity, disturbed the daily work of the prefecture and affected social stability.

It turns out that He did this out of dissatisfaction with his treatment in retirement. 

He was removed from the Party as punishment and his pension as a retired official has been canceled. The investigating and prosecuting organs in Yunnan will conduct an investigation of him.

This case should attract the attention of disgruntled officials who use their political influence to confront the Party committee, and education of such officials should be strengthened, said Feng Zhili, an official from the discipline inspection committee in Yunnan.

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