25 sentenced in Tibet in 2018 for separatism or financing harming security

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/13 15:08:40

A tourist has photos taken in front of the Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet. Photo: Xinhua

Southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region investigated 25 cases and pronounced judgment on 25 people for inciting separatism or financing others to jeopardize national security, according to a report from a court in Tibet.  

According to a working report made by the head of Tibet's High People's Court on Saturday, Tibet dealt with more than 30,000 cases in 2018, including 25 cases involving inciting separatism or financing crimes which jeopardized national security. A total of 25 people were punished, china.com.cn reported on Saturday.

No more information on these cases has yet been disclosed.

With the purpose of encouraging communications among different ethnic groups and strengthening unity, Tibet also completed investigations in accordance with laws and regulations of 32 cases in which some people hyped up topics with the aim of dividing ethnic groups and religious groups.

According to the report, Tibet also launched a crackdown on gang crimes, with 360 people in 268 cases found guilty. Additionally, 55 people in 49 cases were punished for involvement in corruption. 

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