West should report detention professionally

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/24 16:33:54

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson confirmed Thursday that Chinese-Australian Yang Jun ‒ or Yang Hengjun, as reported in Western media ‒ was detained for engaging in activities undermining China’s national security. His legal rights are protected when he is under investigation.

Western media reported earlier that the Australian government has received notification from the Chinese side that the Yang has been detained in China. A few days before that, Western media reported Yang “missing” in China.

Some Western media linked Yang’s detention to the China-US trade war, especially the complicated situation since the arrest of Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou. They are speculating on the special meaning of the latest case without any evidence. 

Some people in the West have been propagating that China is capturing foreigners at its will as a response to the pressure piled on it by the outside world. Part of their aim is to put more pressure on China while badmouthing the environment of China’s opening-up, creating an impression that China is becoming increasingly insecure for foreigners. 

It is impossible for China to arrest foreigners for no reason. At this point of time, it is even more ridiculous to randomly seize an Australian out of political motives. It is clear now that Yang’s case is a legal case, not a political action and has nothing to do with geopolitics.

Since Yang is an Australian, the chances that he would face a lawsuit simply for his own personal view are quite small, not to mention his previous influence on Chinese public opinion was limited. 

Among foreigners caught up in similar incidents in China, a large proportion were originally Chinese but later received a foreign nationality and have lived in China for a long time or have many connections in the country. A majority are still living in an environment full of Chinese elements. Some are still living, working on the Chinese mainland and some are living abroad but maintain close contacts with people in China. Their activities or even their livelihoods are supported by such connections.

Most of the Chinese who obtained foreign nationality play a constructive role in communication between China and the world and constitute an element of China's opening-up. However, a few of them have a twisted self-identification and take their foreign nationality as an umbrella to protect them. These people fail to respect Chinese laws. 

According to the Western media, a friend of Yang told him not to return to China before his departure this time. What was he worried about? The reason should not simply be Yang has criticized the Chinese government. A lot of liberals manipulated public opinion in a more strident way and the most severe punishment they could face is a ban on their social media accounts. That's also the point they complain about the most. Few showed any concerns about their personal safety. 

People still don't know what Yang actually did. The official announcement on similar incidents is often not released very quickly in China and this is not particular against any specific case or special group of people. 

After some controversies, the Chinese judiciary is more scrupulous when handling cases involving people who have political labels. We suggest the Western media refrain from making any conclusion based on preset positions.

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