Female hosts banned from wearing lingerie, see-through clothes, sexy uniforms during livestreaming

By Zhang Han Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/29 18:53:40

An online host in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei Province, interacts with her fans during a live stream. Photo: IC


Stakeholders in livestreaming services in Central China's Hubei Province published a set of regulations on Monday that ban female hosts from wearing revealing outfits, including lingerie and skin-colored tights. 

Livestreamers will not be allowed to wear sexy costumes such as lingerie, see-through clothes, or skin-colored tights, according to a press release from the Wuhan Software Industry Association (WSIA) sent to the Global Times on Tuesday.

Minors have to provide their guardians' identification card, household registration and a signed application before they can become livestreaming hosts, states the regulations which stakeholders hope will be adopted nationally.

The self-governing regulations were released by WSIA, the Hubei Standardization Society, China's leading livestream platform Douyu, and other local technology companies after six months of consultations. 

The industry has been under pressure from a number of national government departments to curtail its perceived unhealthy content. 

Li Yao, director of the WSIA, told the Global Times on Tuesday that Wuhan is home to some of the country's largest livestreaming companies, "which has propelled the enterprises and associations to make regulations to better rectify the industry." 

The regulations require live-streaming platforms to provide 24/7 service to users who want to report abuses. The platform must respond to users' reports and stop or ban a violator's account within 90 seconds of receiving a complaint. 

"This is our shared principles for Wuhan's companies, but we hope it will be promoted nationwide in the future," Li said. 

Chen Zhen, one of Douyu's early users said he is "bothered by irrelevant and vulgar banners." Explicit videos were prevalent on Douyu in 2015 to attract male users, Chen said 

Guangzhou-based News Express Daily reported in 2016 that some live-streaming platforms ban its female hosts from eating bananas in a "seductive" fashion or wearing straps. 

There were more than 425 million live-streaming users in China as of June of 2018, The Beijing News reported.
Newspaper headline: Livestreaming regulations ban female hosts from wearing revealing outfits

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