Limited edition imperial bike displayed in the Palace Museum for Spring Festival

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/1/30 18:08:41

A imperial-inspired bicycle is on display at Beijing's Palace Museum. Source: The Beijing News

China's 60-year-old iconic bicycle maker Phoenix is taking part in an exhibition at the Palace Museum in Beijing, where it is showing off a handmade limited edition two-wheeler dedicated to designs from the ancient imperial court. 

Phoenix is selling the uniquely palace-inspired bike for 39,999 yuan ($5,955). The hand grips, wheel rims and seat are of course "Forbidden City red" while the bike frame is royal gold.  

"The bike weighs eight kilograms and the frame is made of titanium and the seat and grips are made of leather. It takes more than three months to make," said Lu Yechang, a Phoenix manager. 

The company has only made nine of the bikes and seven have been presented to foreign dignitaries as national gifts from China, said Lu.

"It would be interesting to ride  an imperial bike in the Forbidden City," wrote a netizen, to  which he received a reply saying, "the last person to ride a bike there was the last emperor Puyi hahaha."

The Beijing News
Newspaper headline: High-tech, imperial-inspired bicycle on display at Beijing’s Palace Museum


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