Young son bursts into tears when mom turns down attempt to buy diamond ring

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/14 17:53:41

A boy wants to buy a diomand ring for his mother. Source: Kankan News

A video of ten-year-old boy's attempt to use money he received from gifts at Spring Festival to buy his mother a diamond ring, pulled the heart strings of people in the jewelry store and online.

The boy pulled his mom into the store at a shopping mall in Tianmen, central China's Hubei Province on Monday.

"He said he wanted to buy a diamond ring after seeing his classmates' mothers all wear diamond rings," an employee at the jewelry counter said in the video posted on

The boy chose a ring worth 8,100 yuan ($1,197) and his mother is seen in the video trying it on. The mother thought her son was only joking and tried to leave. The boy burst into tears and is seen hugging his mother and sobbing. 

The mother used another tactic to get the boy to save his money. She picked out a much more expensive diamond ring worth 50,000 yuan. "Mom likes this one. You can save more money and buy this one for me later," said the employee who overheard the conversation.

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