Huawei tests Europe’s independence

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/18 20:52:18

The UK National Cyber Security Centre has concluded that "there are ways to limit the risks from using Huawei in future 5G ultra-fast networks," according to two people familiar with the matter which has not been made public, The Financial Times reported.  

The article comments that the conclusion is "a serious blow to US efforts to persuade allies to ban the Chinese supplier from high-speed telecommunications systems." 

As a member of the Five Eyes (the anglophone intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US), London may indeed have given a reason for other European countries to continue using Huawei based on the above conclusion.

Not a single country or organization has found any evidence so far demonstrating that Huawei has illegally collected its device users' information. All accusations against Huawei of gathering intelligence for the Chinese government are only based on imagination. London's conclusion provides a reliable basis for third parties to dispel such fears.

Although the idea of Huawei engaging in espionage is technically possible, it does not make any sense from a commercial or political point of view.

Such a practice would be tantamount to suicide for a high-tech giant. If the Chinese government forced Huawei to do this, it would be stifling the country's emerging industries. But intelligence cannot be mentioned in the same breath as Huawei's contribution to China's industrial prosperity and national interests. 

Hyping the alleged Huawei threat has violated the basic spirit of seeking truth from facts. The West is prioritizing ideology and considering excluding China as political correctness. Many people in Europe are aware of the lies, but still beating the drum for a certain value orientation rather than conducting an objective analysis.

The world is changing, and if Europe keeps prioritizing ideology and political correctness in dealing with every new situation, that would be dangerous.

What Europe needs is not only the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, but also the courage to make its own independent choices. Europe's cooperation with Huawei on construction of a 4G network is already an established fact, but it seems now that beneficial collaboration has become one of the biggest risks. 

Major European countries have shown a rather complicated attitude toward Huawei and China. They wish to maintain their relationship with the US, while hesitating to completely exclude Huawei equipment. Most European network operators oppose banning Huawei. Hence there remains uncertainty on Huawei issues.

We are at a historic crossroads. One choice is to explain disputes and uncertainties as serious political and security issues, and push international relations in the direction of confrontation. Another is to handle problems objectively to create a world dominated by cooperation and mutual compromise.

Europe played only a supporting part in the Cold War, but it may have its own leading role and guard its dignity in the era of multi-polar cooperation.

Whether it is possible for Europe to use high-quality and affordable Huawei equipment and build an efficient and cheap 5G network is the touchstone for the continent to defend its independent role.

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