Popular video-sharing platform TikTok introduces first in-app mini game feature

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/19 20:43:40

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A small game called yinyueqiuqiu (music bound ball) was released by Chinese TikTok, also called Douyin, on Monday, the first in-app mini game released by the popular video-sharing platform. The design of the game is similar to that of WeChat's mini games, which are light casual games that allow users to play directly in the app.

Bytedance, to which TikTok is affiliated, introduced in-app mini-programs for the first time last year.

But as the first mini-game that marks TikTok's initiative into in-app games, the new in-app game looks like many of the existing mini-games developed in WeChat. 

However, the game also combines many viral music clips from TikTok as background music. The user only needs to constantly click the screen to the rhythm of the music to keep the ball in the air.

Li Dongjie, a TikTok user since 2017, told the Global Times that he finds the game interesting and "easy to play", and he will consider playing it while using TikTok. Li also said that what sets the game aside from many-mini games from WeChat is the background music. However, he believes that the game would be even better if the user has the option to choose the background music. 

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