Underwear sales rise in eastern part of country amid rainy days

By Xu Keyue Source:Global Times Published: 2019/2/24 21:48:40

A woman in Shanghai dries her clothes on Saturday. Photo: VCG

Residents in East China have bought piles of underwear after the rainiest start to the year since 1961 as used underwear cannot be sun- or air-dried properly.

A strong subtropical high pressure area has brought rain to Shanghai, East China's Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces since January, Global Times checked on Thursday. Rainfall in many regions is half to two times higher than the same period in previous years. 

Residents rushed to buy daily necessities, including underwear, umbrellas, raincoats and dryers. "My routine this weekend is getting up to dry clothes as it is raining outside and wet indoors, and I use an umbrella to buy underwear on a weekly basis," a netizen from Hangzhou said. 

The recent rain chart and underwear purchase data from Taobao, China's online shopping giant also show that the underwear turnover in southern China continued to increase last week.

Since knitted fabrics are more breathable than cotton, turnover of knitted underwear rose six times while that of cotton increased 4.9 times, the Paper reported on Sunday.

Umbrellas, raincoats and dryers have also seen brisk sales. "We have received an unprecedented number of customers these two weeks," a customer service employee selling shoe dryers told the Global Times on Sunday.

The over one-month rains have inspired a wave of memes. 

A poster reading "the wandering sun," a play on the Chinese blockbuster movie The Wandering Earth, which involves moving the Earth to another star system went viral on Sina Weibo. 

"What? Is the sun wandering like the earth in the movie?" a netizen said.

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