Meng strikes back at US political persecution against Huawei

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/4 17:49:12

Chinese tech giant Huawei's chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou on Friday filed a civil lawsuit against the Canadian government, saying "police officer and several border guards detained, searched and interrogated Meng under the guise of a routine customs or immigration case, and used 'that opportunity to unlawfully compel her to provide evidence and information,'"according to Bloomberg.

Canadian justice department started her extradition proceedings on the same day. The move by Meng signaled the beginning of a legal battle against political persecution. In US and Canadian judicial systems, this could be a long-drawn war of attrition. 

As the victim represents an important Chinese private enterprise, the case can also be seen as a clampdown on Chinese companies by the US and Canada by using their judicial systems. It will be a costly lawsuit, but Huawei has no choice but to fight to the end to protect Meng and the company's innocence as well as ward off or delay the worst outcome of US political persecution.

It is easy to see that the case against Meng is a US political game against Huawei, forged to look like a lawsuit. 

It shows the strength of US and Canadian judicial systems and their ability to serve the two countries' politics. Public opinion in US and Canada does not have the courage to tell the truth. The Canadian diplomat who spoke the truth was fired. A shallow understanding of national interests has clearly consumed most of US and Canadian media. 

Huawei has to deal with the lawsuit by expending time, effort and money. It seems that the company has to pay a price for being the leading player in the industry while being watched by the US. 

It is impossible for a "pure lawsuit" to cause such a sensation. Almost every US lawmaker  is full of political anger at the mention of Huawei, and this is what we worry about most: Will US political persecution of Huawei set an example for competition between countries in future?

We hope there will eventually be a turnaround in Meng's case, or the spirit of justice will prevail and stop the US and Canada from manipulating the judicial system. We also hope the two governments will realize they are playing a dirty game, which will make them find a legal reason to revoke the case.

Although the US' lawsuit against Huawei has had a huge impact, the company must not give up. Huawei should try to win the case and continue on its path of conducting scientific research and exploring the market. Getting stronger is the company's greatest defense against all challenges. The US has blocked Huawei's market, the company should make its products indispensable. The US refuses to sell components to Huawei, the firm should be able to produce those itself. The US has arrested its CFO, it needs to prove that it is an invincible technology company that the US and the Western world must face squarely.

Huawei will live up to people's expectations if it leads the development of 5G networks, increases market share even under US pressure and finally wins the lawsuit. To be invested with great responsibility, one must go through all hardships. So should a company.

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