Former Canadian diplomat stole sensitive intelligence from China: authorities

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/4 19:07:30

Spavor was Kovrig’s intelligence contact: authorities

Former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig Photo: VCG

Chinese authorities alleged on Monday that former Canadian diplomat Michael John Kovrig had stolen sensitive intelligence from China, and another detained Canadian national, Michael Peter Todd Spavor, was Kovrig's intelligence contact. 

Chinese authorities said Monday that Kovrig has been frequently traveling to China since 2017 with a regular passport and a business visa. They confirmed that Kovrig had spied on and stolen sensitive information and intelligence through contacts in China. 

Kovrig was on December 10, 2018 investigated in accordance with the law by the Beijing State Security Bureau on suspicion of engaging in activities that harm China's state security.

Authorities also said Spavor, who has been under investigation by the Dandong State Security Bureau in Northeast China's Liaoning Province on suspicion of jeopardizing China's state security, had provided intelligence to Kovrig and was an important intelligence contact of Kovrig. 

Kovrig is suspected of spying and stealing national secrets for foreign agents and his behavior has severely violated Chinese law, authorities said.  

Authorities stressed that China is a country run by the rule of law and the country will resolutely crack down on criminal activities that jeopardize national security. They also stressed that the case will be dealt with according to the law and the legal rights of Kovrig and Spavor will be fully guaranteed, including arranging for consular visits. 

Relevant government departments that handle the case will promptly start the next judicial procedure based on the condition of the case. 

Spavor, according to an Associated Press (AP) report, is known for his contacts with high-ranking North Korean officials. He also helped facilitate NBA player Dennis Rodman's visit to North Korea in 2013, AP reported.

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Newspaper headline: Ex-Canadian envoy stole sensitive intel from China

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