Truth will out with Huawei lawsuit

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/7 20:18:42

Chinese technology giant Huawei sued the US government Thursday saying that the country's National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which bans federal agencies from buying the company's equipment, is unconstitutional.  

"The US Congress has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on Huawei products," Huawei's Rotating Chairman Guo Ping said in a statement. "This ban… restricts Huawei from engaging in fair competition, ultimately harming US consumers." 

Glen Nager, lead counsel for Huawei also said the law is "damaging Huawei's reputation." 

The lawsuit is Huawei's counterattack against Washington's increasing suppression and persecution of the company. Facing a politically motivated crackdown by the US government, Huawei has enough reason to file the case, even going by a Western perspective. In depriving Huawei of its rights in the US market without a trial, the NDAA breaches the US Constitution and shows Washington's discriminatory attitude toward Huawei. The US Congress and government must provide solid evidence before accusing Huawei of threatening its national security. The company is confident that in court it can win any battle of credibility against the US government.

As long as Huawei can prove that its equipment is indeed advanced and aboveboard, and does its best to dispel people's doubts, then if Huawei wins the lawsuit, it will point to the failure of the US government. If it loses, the reputation of the US judicial system will be disgraced.

We support Huawei in hiring the best lawyers of the West to form a "dream team" for justice. This case will reveal the lengths to which the US will go to suppress Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE. It is obvious that Washington has lost rationality in the face of China's rise. 

Some Western media outlets said Huawei's lawsuit against the US government will bring the allegations against the tech firm in full public glare, which will be a disaster to its market promotion. However, we don't subscribe to this view. The more Huawei runs away from persecution, the more arrogant the persecutor. Huawei should squarely face the smear and fight back on just grounds.

Increased international attention for this lawsuit would be in Huawei's favor. Nobody can prove the righteous wrong in front of the entire world.

It is hard to tell whether Huawei can win the lawsuit, but the company will surely win over more people from the West.

No country can rival the US in science and technology. The US is also a bastion of the Western legal system, but it is definitely not a perfect model for the West. Washington protects its lagging industry out of selfishness and puts its geopolitical interests above scientific and market considerations. The US media has hidden the truth and supported the persecution of Huawei.

The court is the last hope for the truth to be heard, evidence presented and debates witnessed. It will test the independence of the US judicial system. People will be able to see how the court deals with facts, common sense and US geopolitical interests.

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