US hypocritical to criticize China human rights

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/14 21:45:57

The US released its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2018 on Wednesday. The report launched a wide attack on China's human rights and elaborated on slanders of China's governance in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. On the release of the report, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said China was "in a league of its own when it comes to human rights violations." Referring to Xinjiang, Michael Kozak, head of the State Department's human rights and democracy bureau added that "you haven't seen things like this since the 1930s." 

This is the US government's most extreme attack on China's human rights in recent years. Its language is almost hysterical. It seems that Washington will use every source it can to suppress and hamper China.

There have been enough debates between China and the US over human rights and the US is now simply raising its voice. Pompeo and his colleague put an unprecedented label on China. Chinese diplomats can also put a label on the US, where shooting accidents have taken tens of thousands of lives each year. For instance, we may call the US the biggest battlefield in an era of peace.

The US is a country with the largest number of unnatural deaths among all developed societies. Washington's indifference to lives is evident from its long-awaited ban on the Boeing 737 Max. Only a few hours before the ban, the US Secretary of Transportation flew on a Boeing 737 Max 8 in an attempt to trick the public into relaxing their vigilance.

The US government also leaves alone the widening gap between rich and poor, and does little to crack down on crime and eliminate racial hatred. Washington has always refused to reflect on its own human rights issues, but has been keen to make indiscreet remarks about other countries. 

China's all-round development and human rights construction has advanced considerably amid sharp Western and US criticism. The US human rights report alleged that China's human rights have been worsening year after year. 

Yet it is precisely in these years that China has made consistent progress in both the hardware and software conditions of human rights. Chinese people's living standards have gradually stepped forward to the forefront of developing countries.

China's human rights have defects. China has yet to figure out how to strike a balance between securing social order and ensuring citizens' rights in certain social governance areas. Xinjiang has been exploring methods of achieving peace and stability across the entire region. The establishment of vocational education and training centers aims to protect the peaceful lives of most people at the minimum cost. 

Chinese people have won dignity in front of the Western community. Objectively speaking, Western rhetoric is losing influence with Chinese people. The solutions Westerners offer do not cater to China's reality and the Chinese people remain on high alert to the ulterior motives of these Westerners.

In the past, we felt that the West, especially the US, was superior to us. But as China develops, we have seen the other side of the US - selfish, paranoid and unpredictable. We can just let much of the US criticism go. The annual human rights report is nothing but a fault-finding mess.

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