Cindy Yang a gimmick of US partisan struggle

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/19 21:19:05

Chinese-American businesswoman Cindy Yang suddenly became famous recently. According to the New York Times, Yang, also known as Yang Li, "left China's frigid northeast two decades ago" and "built the chain of massage parlors and day spas in Florida." The report said that Robert K. Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, was arrested "in a prostitution sting at a Jupiter massage parlor" in February. As the previous owner of the parlor, Yang was unearthed by the media although she had already sold it years ago. 

Yang was scrutinized by media because of her photo with US President Donald Trump. According to the report, she started a company called "GY US Investments." The company's introduction online promised their clients interaction with senior US officials, including access to "VIP activities at Mar-a-Lago."

But Democrats in Congress asked the FBI to investigate Yang as she raised "serious counterintelligence concerns." It is obvious that she was dragged into the latest round of US partisan competition. 

US politics is vulgar. Media outlets used phrases like "soliciting sex" and "massage parlors" to attract attention. Worse still, the news excited the US political arena as an increasing number of explosive revelations emerged about Yang. The Democratic Party fiercely attacked her. The US political circle was obviously delighting itself in making a big issue out of a Chinese-American businesswoman. US politics looks like a lively massage parlor now.

The Chinese element, which has been dug out, showed that discrimination and special precautions against Chinese-Americans have become unscrupulous in the US. If Yang were a white woman who donated to the president and tried to get close contact with high-level officials, would that be a problem? Yang is already a US citizen. Should she be probed without any evidence to support the allegation, just because she has an Asian face and comes from the Northeast China?

Yang's constitutional rights have clearly been defied. How does this Chinese-American woman, chasing the American dream, feel at this moment?

In the eyes of the Chinese people, Yang is good at stirring up things in the US. But she has the obvious mind-set of some Chinese merchants who are fond of taking photos with high-level officials to prove they have powerful friends. They often do so to gain trust with business partners. Yang seems to be one of them. Obviously she knew little about the darkness of US politics and lacked vigilance that she could be made into a political gimmick for so-called Chinese infiltration into the US amid currently sensitive and complicated China-US relations.

Keeping a high profile and an addiction to bragging are taboos for a spy. What intelligence agency on Earth would trust and cooperate with such an alleged spy? If the FBI really starts to investigate Yang as Democrats want, it will probably unearth nothing but tidbits that embarrass more US elites. As a Chinese media outlet, we will be very happy to see a super blast triggered by Yang's case in the political circle of the US to provide vulgar but pleasing entertainment for the whole world. 

Nonetheless, we are sympathetic to Chinese-Americans living in the US. Yang's case displayed a deteriorating political situation for them in the US. Discrimination and prejudice against them will show up more frequently and they are bound to undergo more injustices. We hope they will be more cautious and take good care of themselves.

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