Artists gather in Beijing for art summit

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/24 17:18:40

From right: 798 Art District co-founder Wang Yanling attends a Beijing Art Summit forum with scholars Benedicte Alliot and Emmanuel Tibloux on Friday. Photo: Courtesy of Qiuyu

The first three-day Beijing Art Summit kicked off at Beijing's 798 Art District on Friday, attracting guests from around the world. 

"We aim to establish a cultural dialogue between the East and West," said Wang Yanling, one of the 798 Art District founders, at the summit. 

"In the future, we hope that the summit can explore and discuss the challenges and problems that Chinese contemporary art has encountered over its development," he added. 

Several forums were held over the past three days, including Special Session: How Art Promotes Urban Development, as well as public forums Chinese Art Markets, Art Ecologies and Art & Technology. 

In the opinion of Domnique de Villepin, former prime minister of France, art and urban development are vital parts of the development of a nation's soft power. He said that art exists everywhere, in cities, in buildings and in traditions. 

Wang noted that art has the ability to bring something magical to a block or an area. 

"Some real estate companies always mention that their new communities are close to 798 even when they are like 20 kilometers away. In a certain way, 798 has become a spiritual garden," he added. 

The 798 Art District has become an important doorway to learning about China. A total 132 foreign leaders have visited the district, which received over 800 million visitors in 2018. 

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