Eco-friendly burial plan panned by netizens

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/3/25 18:20:35

A necklace that is made from bone ashes. Source: The Beijing News

 One of Beijing's best-known funeral homes says it has come up with two eco-friendly methods of dealing with the ashes of its clients' dearly beloved, even suggesting the ashes might someday be turned into diamonds. 

Zhou Weihua, deputy director of Babaoshan funeral home, told the Beijing News on Friday that it is offering to turn human ashes into beads that can be turned into a necklace or other wearable trinkets.

Bone ash can be turned into small beads. Source: The Beijing News

 Zhou said the ashes may also someday be turned into diamonds, a comment that received howls of laughter from netizens, who accused the funeral home of an impossible and distasteful marketing scheme.

China's enormous population and cultural tradition of burying the dead puts enormous pressure on land use. The Ministry of Civil Affairs of China predicted in 2015 that available land for cemeteries in most provinces in China will be exhausted in 10 years, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

The report said that in Beijing, the average cost of a funeral and interment reached 42,837 yuan ($6,376) in 2014, and more than 85 percent was used to purchase a space for internment of ashes at a cemetery.

The Chinese government has been pushing eco-friendly solutions for funerals such as spreading the deceased's ashes at sea, according to the website of Ministry of Civil Affairs.

Many Chinese netizens hated the new funeral ideas proposed by the Babaoshan funeral home. "It's horrible. I cannot accept wearing my relatives' ashes," a netizen wrote on Sina Weibo.

The Beijing News


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