Man fails driver’s test, makes his own license

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/1 17:33:39

The driving license in the man's handwriting. Source: Pear Video

 A man in South China calmly gave police a fake driver's license that wasn't even close to being a facsimile of a real one. It did have all the pertinent details - age, ID number and photo - but he had simply scribbled them on a piece of paper in his own handwriting.   

The man surnamed Tan in Liuzhou, South China's Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region simply explained to police that he did not have a real driver's license because he had failed the test so he wrote out his own.

"He behaved very calmly as he took out the license. The cover of the license was real one, but I was shocked when I saw what was inside," the traffic police officer told Pear Video. 

Inside the real license cover, the man had placed a piece of white paper that had all the information that is included on a standard driver's license. Even his identification photo was attached, the video showed.  

The traffic police seized his motorcycle and fake driver's license, and told him to report to the traffic department on Monday morning.

Of course, the man was ridiculed by netizens who couldn't resist poking fun at the man.

"What a genius! Why didn't you just draw your own identification photo," was one netizen's sarcastic question.

"The man can draw a passport and create a passport number next time, then he can travel abroad with his handmade passport," another net user joked on Weibo.

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