Kindergarten teacher in poisoning case sought revenge on coworker: police

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/2 19:53:40

Two children run to a private kindergarten in Dalian, Northeast China's Liaoning Province on January 24. Photo: VCG

The kindergarten teacher in Jiaozuo, Central China's Henan Province, who was detained after being accused of poisoning 23 children with nitrite, was trying to seek revenge on a colleague.

Several parents of children studying at Jiaozuo's Mengmeng Kindergarten recently reported that their children were hospitalized after they were vomiting and fainting, the Beijing News reported on Monday.

A parent of one of the poisoned children surnamed Li said that the head of the kindergarten called him on Wednesday morning, saying that his 4-year-old daughter started vomiting after having the congee. Li saw his daughter unconscious and other students in similar situations when he arrived, according to the Beijing News. 

Other children were sent to the hospital and another parent surnamed Hu said that the hospital had to flush his child's stomach.

As of Monday, most all the 23 students had been discharged from the hospital after recovering, but one child remained in the hospital with severe symptoms, and seven others have been held for further observation, the Beijing News reported.

The victims, who were from the same grade, all ate a certain porridge, which was supposed to taste sweet. "But the kids said the porridge tasted salty," one parent told the Beijing News.

After a preliminary investigation, the police found that a teacher surnamed Wang in the kindergarten put nitrite in the children's porridge that day, which may have led to the children's illness, said the Chinanews online service.

The police in Jiaozuo have detained Wang, and said that the teacher was trying to seek revenge on a coworker, The Paper reported.

According to documents, nitrite is a carcinogen and heavy metal, which harms the liver and kidney.

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