Woman fakes rape to test police response time

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/8 17:48:39

A patrol wagon. Photo: VCG

 A woman in Northeast China was worried about her planned first meeting with a man she had met online and called the local police to test their response time by pretending she was being raped on Saturday.

The resident of Tieli, Heilongjiang Province told the police in an out-of-breath tone that someone was about to rape her and asked the police to come to her residential community. 

She ended the call with a scream, according to a recording posted on Pear Video.

"The community isn't big, so we decided to search for the woman door-to-door," a police officer told Pear Video.

The police arrived at the community within three minutes but couldn't find the victim during their door-to-door search in every building. 

The woman called the police a second time telling them she was only having a quarrel with her boyfriend and hung up, according to the video.

The police thought the woman's "boyfriend" was forcing her to lie to them and continued their search.

"A woman looked very panicked when she saw us in the corridor and she finally confessed that she had faked the rape call," said the police officer.

Pear Video reported the woman has been punished but didn't say how. 

Pear Video


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