Online education platform closed over Taiwan sexual assault case

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/8 19:23:40

The education authorities in Fuzhou, East China's Fujian Province, said on Monday that they have shut down an online education platform after netizens reported that it had invited a teacher from Taiwan accused of sexually assaulting a female writer. 

An investigation team spoke with the main members of the Fuzhou E-Fly Education Agency (E-Fly) and "ruled out the possibility" of Chen Kuo-hsing signing a contract with the platform or giving lectures to students, read a notice from the Fuzhou Education Bureau. 

Chen, a teacher from Taiwan, is involved in the alleged seduction case of Lin Yi-han, a former student of his. Lin later wrote about the incident in the book Fang Si-Chi's First Love Paradise before committing suicide in 2017. Chen said in May 2017 that he had "an affair with Lin for two months in 2009," and claimed it was a "romantic relationship" and not a teacher seducing a female student, Taipei Times reported.

Since Friday, netizens began reporting online that Chen Kuo-hsing had changed his name to Chen Yi and set up the "Chen Yi Chinese Language online education platform" at a training institution in Fuzhou.

E-Fly invited a group of Taiwan teachers, which included Chen, to share their teaching experience on March 3. Chen later gave online lectures to E-Fly teachers on four occasions, sharing training methods free of charge. As the online platform is open to the public, some parents also attended the class, according to Fuzhou's education bureau.

The bureau required E-Fly to rectify the situation immediately and thoroughly, and will punish the agency according to related regulations and laws. 

It said that the reporting system used to hire teachers would be stricter and requirements with regards to teachers' moral standards would be set higher.

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