Users can flaunt fake wealth on social media

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/10 18:00:13

Several luxury cars. Photo: VCG

 A video of the unusual services provided by an online retailer who enables people who are not rich to flaunt fake wealth on social media has attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

The retailer has compiled a library of thousands of stock video clips of luxury cars, lavish homes, mounds of money, and exotic overseas vacation destinations. 

Users are charged only a few yuan each time they use a video clip to which they can add their own voiceover to make it appear the fancy car or piles of cash are their own.

Users can upload to their Wechat Moments the deceitful photographs or video clips showing them driving the Porsche Cayenne or receiving a million in cash.

One video shows a young, smartly dressed women sitting at the wheel of an expensive sports car, as she flips her hair and gives the air that the vehicle belongs to her.

People can even purchase  photos of fake registration forms for luxury cars showing their name and the date the vehicle was supposedly purchased from a car dealership. 

The stock photos and the video can also be manipulated by users to create a collage of photos or video clips of expensive vacations they never took.  

Some Net users said people who flaunt fake wealth have a serious problem with their integrity. Other comments on social media suggested that at least the online service provides a cheap way for ordinary people to vicariously experience a rich person's life.

As long as photos and the video aren't used for fraudulent purposes there is nothing illegal about posting the fake images.

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