China slams Australia’s untenable charges about Falun Gong

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/11 23:33:40

China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Thursday slammed some Australian media which have been fabricating stories about "China interfering in Australia's internal affairs" and colluding with the Falun Gong cult to make up evidence. 

Falun Gong is an illegal cult that has been banned by the Chinese government in accordance with the law and cast aside by the Chinese people, Lu Kang, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, said at Thursday's routine press conference. 

It is also an anti-China political organization that has used unscrupulous measures to discredit China, Lu added. 

It is a completely just and reasonable act for Chinese embassies and consulates to remind relevant parties in Australia to recognize the Falun Gong cult's evil nature, and not to be misled and taken advantage of by it, Lu said. 

Some Australian media, out of their own political motives, are keen to incite anti-China sentiment and catch the eye through vicious attacks on China, Lu pointed out. 

Lu urged such media to abide by professional ethics and be responsible, to stop scheming with the Falun Gong cult and publishing fake reports about China. 


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