China’s confidence in poverty alleviation lies in its system

By Xu Hailin Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/21 21:08:39

After making unprecedented and stunning achievements in poverty alleviation, China has entered a critical stage of its vow to lift all Chinese people out of poverty. From a historical perspective, China's great determination will promote the progress of human civilization. Hence, it has drawn positive attention around the world but also doubts from some Western media outlets questioning whether China can succeed.

In a recent report by CNN, a chief poverty alleviation official of a village in Southwest China's Guizhou Province was quoted as saying that he was "absolutely confident" in China's determination. The quote served as one of the best answers to the West's questions.

Many Western officials and media doubt China's achievements and moves because of their experience and logic that were generated by the West's traditional development model. Such a mind-set doesn't help them understand the strength of China's system, which is the real reason that keeps China progressing.

The Chinese government has emphasized not only a material end to poverty but a psychological end to it as well. Understanding this is not an easy task. The government vows to invest more in poverty alleviation, and to stimulate the economic transition and upgrade to activate productivity, which will then ensure poor people have the ability to constantly create and accumulate their own wealth. This is the effort by which China strives to make its poverty alleviation sustainable.

As China is at a critical stage, there will be difficulties and challenges on its path. Some critics said China has focused mainly on poverty in the countryside rather than in cities, according to CNN. In fact, the Chinese government has been modifying its policies in accordance to the actual situation. 

It is attaching greater importance on creating more jobs and improving social security standards to benefit people in both rural and urban areas. China has greatly reduced government administrative expenses since the beginning of 2019, to ensure the increase in social security expenditures, particularly in poor and underdeveloped areas. 

China has 1.4 billion people, any small individual shortage, multiplied by 1.4 billion, becomes a big, big problem. 

Due to its strong system, China has been confident and able to face any big problem. The country has been through bumpy routes and maintained its dynamic development. This is where the confidence of poverty alleviation officials comes from. 

On the basis of the logic generated by their traditional development model, the West only knows what China had achieved, but it doesn't understand how China got there. The answer still lies in China's powerful system, which guarantees efficient decision-making while stimulating the vitality of the Chinese society. It has united the Chinese people - arguably the most diligent in the world - to strive for common goals.

Grasping a better understanding of China's poverty alleviation will help Western officials and media better appreciate the Chinese government's leadership and China. But if they want to comprehensively understand the strength of China's system, they must break away from their cognitive logic.

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