US attempts to blacken Huawei will fail

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/4/21 22:13:38

The Times reported on Saturday that according to a UK source, the CIA says that Huawei has taken money from the People's Liberation Army (PLA) and China's state intelligence network. The vague information has a clear purpose: To further blacken Huawei.

The US has spared no effort to attack Huawei, which is obviously more than just concerns about information security. There are many ways to ensure information security, and it is easy for US technology to prevent Huawei from being used to gather intelligence. But there has been no evidence proving Huawei espionage, and it is difficult for the US to let the whole world believe such a fake story.

Washington has three major purposes for blackening Huawei's name. First, it wants to attack Huawei and win time for the US' 5G technology. The US worries that Huawei's devices will quickly become popular worldwide and thus will set a standard in the 5G era. The US wants the world's most developed areas to separate from Huawei's influence. It wants the West to achieve high-tech decoupling with China.

Second, the US has to fight to the end because it has sent its requests to its allies. It wants to set a precedent that US allies prioritize US interests and demands. Some Western countries are still hesitating, and Washington worries that they will stay neutral in US-China competition and gain a strategic initiative.

Third, Washington did not use Huawei's devices in 4G, and it is resolute in not using Huawei's 5G devices as well. This means the 5G network in the US is highly likely to fall behind China's 5G construction. The US does not want its allies to surpass it in 5G.

During the later stages of 4G construction, China surpassed the US in 4G network coverage and speed. This triggered China's leading mobile payment system. But the US still leads China in modernization. What will happen if European countries, which match the US' modernization progress, follow the example of China in 5G, not the US? Washington does not want to worry about this.

It is ridiculous for a superpower to use almost every legal and diplomatic tool to attack a high-tech company. This is unprecedented in human history. But the US may still lose its war against Huawei. 

This is because the US' accusations are groundless and untenable. Huawei is in the best financial situation of any company, and the US has had doubts about Huawei's security risks for years. How can Huawei risk its reputation to gain but a little money from state intelligence and the army? Besides, Europe used Huawei's devices in 4G, do they not remain safe? 

As China is labeled a strategic competitor by the US, Europe has become a card that the US is eager to play. We believe Europe will cherish its independence. Countries that follow the US on the Huawei case are merely buying Washington's favor, and will eventually lag behind and become a puppet.

European countries should not be deceived by the US and must understand all the environmental factors of Huawei's case.

If they believe such false information that alleges Huawei is funded by the PLA, they are just like a kindergarten child at the mercy of their US teacher.

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