Zoo in Central China lets love-stricken dog and wolf live together

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/5 16:29:05

The dog and the wolf live together in one cage. Source: Pear Video

A zoo in Central China, which became mired in controversy recently after it put a female dog and a male wolf in one cage, explained that it did so after the two animals fell in love at first sight.

Visitors at the zoo in Wuhan, Hubei Province, were surprised to find a dog in a wolf's cage but no wolf on Saturday, and complained that the zoo was trying to deceive them.

One of the keepers denied that they were cheating visitors. "We do keep a wolf in the cage. They did not see it because it was sleeping at noon," she told the Pear Video.

"This dog is a female. We put it in the cage to accompany the male wolf because he was so lonely and depressed when he was living alone," she said.

"The wolf used to fight with other wolves and often got injured, so we didn't know what else to do but put it alone in another cage," she explained.

The keeper said that the solution caused a new problem - the wolf became more and more depressed. "So we put this female dog in the cage and  it gets along with the wolf very well."

According to the keeper, the dog and the wolf have lived together for more than two years. The wolf lets the dog eat first during meal time.


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