Bannon confronts China with fringe theories

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/15 20:38:40

US far-right nationalist Steve Bannon published an article  in The Washington Post on May 6, vehemently vilifying China and inciting his country to confront China. The goal of the Communist Party of China (CPC), he claimed, is "to be the global hegemonic power." To prove his point that it was "futile" for the US to compromise, he asserted China "has been waging economic war against industrial democracies," and the China-US trade dispute is "a fundamental clash."

Bannon maliciously smeared China by saying that China is a "rapidly militarizing totalitarian state imprisoning millions in work camps," and "the world is a house divided half slave, half free." Washington and Beijing are "facing off to tip the scales in one direction or the other," he wrote.

To rational analysts, Bannon is not just radical, but a bit insane. He is obsessed with certain resentful suspicions that the US is on a razor's edge. 

With a deep racist imprint, Bannon's ideas roughly equal to those of European extreme-rightists, even neo-Nazists. Such ideas used to be outside US mainstream discourse. But his brief experiences of working at the White House got himself an unexpected opportunity to expand influence, letting his voice echo on the national stage. His extreme personality, however, kept his peers away and had him expelled from the White House. 

Bannon simply has no idea about the globalized world and the complexity of major power relations. He is trying to make greed and fear the basic guidelines for US China policy.

Bannon and far-right wingers do not care at all how much pain the China-US conflicts bring to the people. The only thing they concerned about is defeating China. However, not only will a powerful China break their dreams, but a loose-minded and swaying US will also disappoint them. Although the wills that tend to prioritize American interests exist in US society, they cannot be incited by Bannon and his followers and turn into a real determination to be antagonistic toward China.

American people want high-quality goods at reasonable prices and they want peace and predictability. They don't want to see a strategic clash between the world's superpower and the second biggest power in the world. They don't want to sacrifice their life for the sake of the so-called ideals of a few zealots. The US government hit China with high tariffs. But when Washington politicians saw the plunging stock market, they rushed to release signs to ease tension. Adopting a tough approach toward China doesn't work in the US as it does not fit the theme of peace and development in the 21st century.

China-US trade war tensions have bestowed a sense of presence to Bannon. He actively launched the "Committee on the Present Danger" which obviously targeted China and has often flexed his muscles against China on Fox TV. He is an opportunist who exploits the trade war to play up to US policies and public opinion.

Bannon wrote that the US fight is not with the Chinese people but the Communist Party of China. What he fears most is China's development. Isn't he fighting the interests of Chinese people? We hope he is not the cancer cell of the US China diplomacy. 

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