China issues regulation on environment damage judicial expertise

Source:Xinhua Published: 2019/5/16 9:56:03

China issued a regulation on the practice scope of environment damage judicial expertise institutions and individuals, according to the Ministry of Justice Wednesday.

The regulation classified the practice scope into seven categories including the identification of contaminants and damage identification of air pollution, surface water and sediment, soil and underground water, coastal water, coastal zones and the ecosystem as well as other environmental problems.

Crucial parts in environment damage judicial expertise were clarified, such as the damage identification of animals and plants, damage to human health and damage to the ecosystem caused by air pollution, according to the regulation.

The regulation, issued by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, consists of 51 articles within eight chapters.

There are 111 institutions and over 2,500 appraisers for environment damage judicial expertise at present in China, said the Ministry of Justice.


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