Surgeons successfully reattach man's severed penis after mystery attack

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/19 17:07:58


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A man from Central China's Hunan Province has successfully undergone surgery to reattach his penis after he got drunk and had it cut off.

The 44-year-old man surnamed Tan from Huaihua had lost consciousness after drinking 500 grams of Chinese liquor on the evening of May 7.

When he woke up due to severe pain at around 5:00 am the next day, he was terrified to see bleeding from his lower body and discovered that someone had chopped his penis two centimeters from its root, leaving only a tiny piece of skin connected to the body.

Tan rushed to various local hospitals, but none of them were capable of reattaching his vital part.

He was then transferred to Xiangya Hospital in Changsha, capital city of Hunan, where several experts conducted a seven-hour surgery and stitched Tan's penis back, repairing his urethra, spongy tissues and blood vessels.

After a week of postoperative treatment, Tan is recovering well. Doctors said Tan's urination and male sexual functions will hopefully recover in due course.

Despite the successful surgery, Tan remains in a state of shock. He refuses to communicate with anyone, or disclose who carried out the act against him.

Although Tan was seriously injured, he opted not to inform the police.

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