Hubei small city court pioneers divorce questionnaire, sparks Net user discontent

Source:Global Times Published: 2019/5/26 17:08:40

Chinese couples queue up to divorce at a divorce registration office in Shanghai, 29 August 2016. Photo: IC

A Central China court has designed a divorce test for couples to review and score their relationships as useful references for the final judgment.

Divorcing couples must take the test before being heard by the People's Court of Xiantao, a small city in eastern Hubei Province.

A video posted on Pear video website shows the test paper and questions with a brief description showing a full score would be 100 points.

Questions include happy memories, the wedding anniversary date and children's favorite snacks. 

The paper also asks the couple their biggest contradiction and differences. 

Judge Liu Wenwu said that the test gives couples a chance to consider others' feelings and whether they are truly ready to divorce.

No couple has yet given up on divorce after the test. 

The test sparked an online outcry. Net users criticized the questionnaire as unnecessary and agreed a questionnaire taken by couples before issuing a marriage certificate might be a better idea.  

Pear Video


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